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In this section one can expect to understand writings from all aspects of the arts, as well as different cultures around the world. aims to write about the most up to date current affairs, so that our readers can experience the most out of what the internet has to offer. The wide array of subcategories in this section offer knowledge to people of all ages and walks of life. Encykeypedia offers sections for family entertainment and wellbeing, to keep your family happy and fit. Our fat smash nutrition section will certainly guide you and your family to a more nutritious diet. As well, this section includes a wide range of articles on hot celebrities like Madonna or Pamela Anderson, and the latest media gossip. Encykeypedia is there after school for the lil tykes to search the latest news on InuYasha or on the town of millsberry or the latest Disney movie. Our sports and leisure section will intrigue all with many different and unusual types of sports and games. Take a closer look inside and learn more about what intrest you. Cheers to the readers, and dig in!