UPDATED 13/07/06

Fight Night!

The World Wrestling Entertainment co. has come a long way since its origination in 1952. It began as a sport but slowly developed into an entertainment company dealing primarily in the professional wrestling industry. The predominant sources of revenues can be attributed to movies, music, and product licensing and sales. The owner and Chairman of the corporation is Vincent McMahon who also plays a role in the various programs like Monday Night Raw or Smackdown. His wife and children play roles in the corporation and his children Shane and Stephanie McMahon appear on the programs as well.  The McMahon holds over 70% of the WWE Corporation and has 100% control of the company. The WWE total capitalization since 2006 is over $1 billion and trades on the New York Stock Exchange.  The WWE has many different aspects to its series. Today men and women fight together in all types of matches designed to attract the audience. There is a WWE Divas section that searches for the most beautiful women for their modeling. The WWE is the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world and has an extensive collection of videos and historical memorabilia.