UPDATED: 30/09/06

Star Jones Renyolds
In Trouble

In recent weeks Star Jones has been getting more then her share of the spot light. She used to be the kind of woman that needed a little more, but as of recent, it has been rumored that she had an encounter with the scalpel. Star Jones’ recent weight loss as she explains is due to an illness which forced the doctors to operate for her health. The Star of the latest tabloids has had more then just weight and health troubles. Star Jones Reynolds announced on her morning television show; The View, that she'll be leaving the show in July after nine years as a co-host. This originally came as a shock, but it was later uncovered that Stars contract was not going to be renewed. "My contract was not renewed for the tenth season," Reynolds told PEOPLE. "I feel like I was fired." The general rumors around Hollywood insist that this sudden change is due to the fact that Rosie O’Donnell will be entering as co-host in her place in September. Jones and O’Donnell have been through a rough patch with O’Donnell being one of Stars most vocal critics.  The former lawyer-turned-TV-star has said on numerous programs like Larry King that she would "work on my new television projects and roll my sleeves up and get right back into working on child advocacy”  To end a year of all years for Jones, her husband of just under 3 years reported that he was leaving her. Banker Al Reynolds announced to the public of their divorce. This will make for a great thrashing for Jones. Jones is often the subject of parody or mocking by comedians or television hosts and Al Reynolds has been seen as Gay by the gossipers of Hollywood. This will make for a great skit on Saturday Night Live.