UPDATED: 28/09/06

Her Hips don’t Lie


Shakira is a Latin America musician and dancer made famous by her beautiful voice and her provocative belly dancing. Shakira was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. Her beautiful look comes form an exotic mix of Colombian and Lebaneese decent. She was one of seven siblings, one of which is her road manager. Shakira began writing and composing music at the age of eight. Shakira’s debut album was Magia (Magic) which was recorded with Sony Colombia in 1991, at the tender age of 15. Unfortunately the album flopped with less than one thousand copies sold. Shakira and her managers thought it would be better to go on hiatus until her high school graduation. In 1995 Shakira released another album and sky rocketed to stardome selling over 4 million records. Over night Shakira became a pop icon in Latin America. Today you cant turn on MTV without seeing a Shakira music video, or a sexy Shakira picture on the internet. Shakira is well on her way to diva status having featured with Wyclef and many other famous musicians.