UPDATED 28/09/06

Pamela Anderson
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Our Favorite Baywatch cheerleader has been busy this summer as she begins her new poker site PamelaPoker.com. At the same time Anderson and new husband rocker Kid Rock were playing their own games as they tied the knot in France Detroit, Malibu and Nashville. They wanted to make it official.

As the most searched person, place or thing for the past 10 years Pamela Anderson has reigned on top of the internet charts.  Pamela Anderson "the ultimate web icon” has stayed in the top 20 searched terms despite the fact that she's stopped making movies, she rarely appears in Playboy and her lame attempt for a TV show "Stacked" has captivated few. Yet even today few can resist searching for a Pamela Anderson wall paper or her honeymoon with husband Tommy Lee of the Mötley Crüe, and their momentos of their sexcursions. (The Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex videos) . Pamela Anderson has had her share of wild fun constantly landing in the spot light. This Canadian born actress has featured originally in a Labatt beer ad and then onto Playboy and Home Improvement, a very popular American sitcom. From there she landed a role on Baywatch and her career was speeding through L.A. by that time. The Pamela Anderson roast turned out to be one of the funniest roasts today and many celebrities joined in to honor her monumental career. Pam’s career has slowed down as of late due to more important things in her life. She is an active member of PETA and she concentrates on raising her family.