LifeLock was founded in 2005 and is involved in providing identity theft protection. Their headquarters are in Tempe, Arizona and serve customers in the US, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. Through its partnership with the National Organisation of Victim Assistance, LifeLock was able to provide its customers with access to more resources thus ensuring a better service. At LifeLlock you are able to share your story since the company is not only concerned with protecting you, but wants to listen to what you have to say.

If your identity as been stolen in one way or another, LifeLock will help you get through your crisis. If some one else has access to your personal information, Lifelock will warn you about it as early as possible and will replace any stolen cards and IDs and will ensure that your information is not being sold on the Internet and more. The “LifeLock Command Center” will let you know where you identity information is and where it’s been. This center helps you with detection, protection and remediation with the many services it provides.

To get access to all these services you need to enroll at Click on “enroll”. You will be able to choose from two plans, The LifeLock Command Center plan for $15 per month and the LifeLock plan for $10 per month. Once you have decided which one suits you, you are required to fill an online application with your personal information including your address and phone numbers as well as your social security number. Click on the box to accept the terms and conditions.  You can add members of your family to the program if you want. The final step is to enter your billing and payment information. When you have completed your enrolment you will be immediately covered by the $1 Million Total Service Guarantee where LifeLock guarantees to spend up to $1 million to restore your name and help you recover direct losses from identity theft incase of failure or defect in their protection system.