UPDATED 28/09/06

Paris Hilton
Stars are Blind

How would you like to spend one night in Paris with an heiress? Today it doesn’t involve much. Simply surf the net until you stop on a Paris Hilton sex video, or nude photos of Paris. As a pop diva and sex symbol for today’s youth, Paris Hilton has become the most searched person on the internet today. Hilton first came into the public eye as one of the more famous New York socialites and heirs, and more so when her ex boy friend released a porno video of Hilton entitled 1 night in Paris. In recent years Hilton has gained recognition by appearing in television, commercials, movies, and with her style and fashion trends as she struts her stuff through Los Angeles’ most posh nightclubs. According to Forbes, in 2003-2004 she earned approximately US $2 million and in the following 2004-2005 year she earned an additional $6.5 million. With her design endorsements and Hilton perfume lines, record lables and hotels, this lil lady is sky rocketing to the top of the world.

The Sex Diva of Los Angeles has certainly spread her wings, even if it’s easier when your father is a billionaire. Paris Hilton has cornered the market of popularity. Paris hosts hit television shows, as well as marking her name on a collection of clothing labels and other trendy products. She frequents movie appearances, especially the sex videos. Even if altered by internet wise guys, Paris has flooded the market of sex videos and pornography. Hilton’s sex videos can be found on all over the internet for anyone who can find them. Her pornography file which includes mass amounts of sex videos and nude photos are not all for free. The ratings keep going up regardless of how much it costs to download a sex video of Paris.