UPDATED: 18/04/08

Losing weight
Fat Smash Diet: the last diet you’ll ever need!


The Human race struggles constantly to get fit and healthy with the latest trends for losing weight. Some try diet pills regardless of their safety. Others try outlandish diets such as the South beach Diet. These Hollywood diets like the South Beach or Atkins are simply crash diets in a world that insists on quick fixes. Although not the right or safe way, we are constantly being guinea pigs for the drug companies who are testing out the latest smash hit diet pills. As human nature persists, we occasionally get into these diet zones and jump from diet plans testing each until one works. If the detox diet doesn’t work try the cabbage soup diet, or the latest celebrity diet which might include diet coke and mentos.  Even the food is diet controlled with diet lemonade and diet, fat free, less calories, no Trans fats food alteration. Some for the general good and others just filled with chemicals. People try the low carb diets as well in any attempt to diet healthily.  One must be careful when trying for weight loss.