Have some fun with the Tube!

TELETOON is a Canadian cable television specialty channel which exclusively airs animation. Teletoon is not limited to children. It contains sections of cartoons with mature and adult aspects. However, Teletoon has had a very bad time with content aimed at an older audience stemming from the fact that during their first year, they accidentally broadcasted adult content such as cartoon nudity, during a time normally devoted to preschoolers. To avoid this problem teletoon created The Detour, a time slot allocated and directed at viewers in the childrens age group. The network now operates two channel feeds as another precaution. The East coast feed operates from the Eastern Standardtimezone and the West coast feed operates from the Pacific Sandardtimezone so that The Detour will always be playing for childrens “after school programs” As well as an allocated slot for children, Teletoon keeps all their mature and aduilt rated programs for late night viewing, and teen viewing for day and early evening entertainment. Teletoons website offers a wide variety of games as a part of the teletoon network. Teletoon Canada is in affiliation with the American Cartoon Network. Due to the commitment that Canadian programs and music will be seen and heard before foreign art, they often have trouble effectively marketing this kind of content.