Launched on April Fools day of 76’, Nickelodeon or Nick for short established itself as primarily a children’s and youth network. Slowly expanding Nickelodeon has broadened its horizons towards teenagers through the teen nick channel and teennick.com as well as adults through Nick at Nite. Nickelodeon leaves no age group untouched. The teennick websites offers lots of fun games and other information. Nickelodeons teennick is a great way for the youth to chat safely or to check up on their favorite television programs. At night, the nick @ nite schedule comes into play, airing reruns of classic TV programs that have remained popular until this day. The main focus of this corporation is children. Nick juniors are our future and for that, nickjr.com was created. The nick jr games section has lots of traffic and parents don’t have to worry because the games are all wholesome and educational. When playtime comes nick jr is where the kids love to be. Dora the explorer has been a popular online game that can be found at nickjr.com. Nick jr is free and has become a landmark online for children and parents everywhere. Nick jr even has parenting advise, as well as the nick jr television program guidance for parents to turn on an appropriate TV program for their child.

Nick.com was founded in America but has created several channels abroad. Early hits included the popular Canadian sketch comedy program You Can’t do That on Television. As well many youths and adults are familiar with their animation; Ren and Stimpy, SpongeBob SquarePants or Roco’s Modern Life. Nickelodeon is involved in many motion pictures today and caters to all age groups. The Nick web site was launched in 1995. Search nick.com and you can register for a mynick account where you are given a nickname and a password where a child can learn to create their own account. Select the nickelodeon online game features and check out the games for adults, teennicks, and nickjr's and all the fun that goes with em.