Equifax is ne of the well known agencies for a person to check his or her credit ratings they provide lots of free services. They can also monitor your credit rating according to the internet, this is a description of the company Equifax Equifax Inc. is a consumer credit reporting agency in the United States, considered one of the three largest American credit agencies along with Experian and TransUnion. Founded in 1899, Equifax is the oldest of the three agencies and gathers and maintains information on over 400 million credit holders worldwide. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Equifax is a global service provider with US $1.5 billion in annual revenue and 7,000+ employees in 14 countries. Equifax is listed on the NYSE.

Equifax.com is an American credit score agency that provides global information about consumer’s credit scores, easing their process to ask for credit cards or credit lines for vehicles, houses or other goods.

Businesses, banks and other institutions trust in the information provided by this agency, recognized as a worldwide leader in its sector.

Normally, banks in the United States and Canada (and most banks worldwide) trust in Equifax’s information to give credit cards, credit lines and loans to their customers, according to the credit scores each client has.

Additionally, the company offers personal solutions that help people protect their identity and their information, avoiding an online identity thief that could end up with unsolicited transactions, which prejudice your credit score.


Imagine this scenario: your credit card and social insurance information are stolen. Someone makes transactions with it, and leaves you with a huge debt that is not yours. In most cases, financial institutions will help when detecting that you were a victim of identity thief but still, the transactions will set a bad precedent in your score.

That could make you lose an opportunity in the future. You might want to ask for a credit to buy a car or a house and not be suitable for it because of your credit score.

To avoid all of those situations, Equifax currently offers coverage packages for your credits, allowing users to lock their credit reports and keep them stable, no matter the unfortunate situations that could come in the future.

Their services also allow clients to pre evaluate their credit score before getting into a new responsibility like a new house, a car upgrade, a business venture or a large equipment acquisition, which might require a bank credit line or a loan.

For small business

Equifax also offers products to keep small businesses on the track with their credits and risk management. Reports, monitoring and risk indicators are some of the aspects covered by their services.

For the sales and marketing departments of prime material providers, they offer the possibility of consulting credit reports before opening credit lines for extensive sales amounts.

On the retail sector, they can help with credit score information of customers, especially for retail stores that offer affiliate and point credit cards. On the other side of the equation, they can also provide information and credit scores of potential suppliers, business partners and more.

The products offered allow quick, safe and trustworthy verifications for every kind of company risk

For more portable use, Equifax has now downloadable apps for iPhone and Android, which allow corporate clients to get reports, scores and verifications on the go for out-of-the-store events and promotions, business fairs and more.

Almost every type of client can find on Equifax a product that fits their needs regarding credit scores, risk evaluation and personal identity protection.