UPDATED 28/09/06

Walt Disney


Walt Disney was a film producer, director, and an American hero.  The corporation he co-founded with his brother Roy O Disney, now known as The Walt Disney Company,  has annual revenues of approximately US $30 billion today. The Disney corporation has their hands in so many markets making them one of the  most well-known motion picture producers in the world. Noted for being a successful storyteller, Walt Disney turned many childrens fantisies into real life adventures for the whole family to enjoy.  The Disney franchise extends  past just making movies. One could have their dream vacation in Walt Disney World, where the magic of Disney pictures comes alive. Familys flock to Disneyland so they could get a glimpse of their favorite characters like Mikey Mouse which was one of Walt Disney’s first characters and possibly his own alter ego. Walt Disney World  has too much to see in one day, between the rides and EPCOT center where you could watch the making of many of Disneys thillers. Families usually stay in the Walt Disney resorts and hotels to get a full idea of what Walter Disney thought of when creating this idea. Disney is one of the largest Hollywood studios and also owns nine theme parks and several television networks, including ABC, which it acquired through a merger with Capital Cities/ABC in 1996.  This conglomerate has marked American history since Walt began in the early 1920’s and is continusly growing  today.

The phrase "what's up doc?" made famous by, Bugs Bunny rabbit, in Acme cartoons on the Disney channel, has taken it‘s place as one of the most common phrases, ever said. Disney has been, for decades the most frequently watched T.V channel for kids. It has hosted young talents such as, Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff who both got their movie and television early experience, by starting their careers at Disney. Disney Channel.com regulates their updates, so that fans are aware of everything new and upcoming on Disney. Disney releases daily, games online to T.V shows like, [Life with Derek] and [Anna Montana] .Disney World companies manufacture Disney electronics like radios and television that has the image of any Disney toon as its form, which has the rooms of young Disney fans outrageously decorated. Walt Disney World and Disney Cruises has enticed all generations with their fairy tale rides, family accommodations, and affordable tickets and blown up cartoon characters. Disney has never failed to keep the world hypnotized in the life of magic, princesses, fantasy islands and bugs that talk. Disney has definitely left its mark in entertainment history.