UPDATED 13/07/06

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Wikipedia is a Hawaiian web- based encyclopedia project. Its name derives from a portmanteu or a fuse between a wiki or quick and encyclopedia. The content on Wikipedia is volunteered by anyone who wishes and has internet access. Wikipedia has its main server in Tampa, Florida and two additional servers in Amsterdam and Seoul. The project began in early 2001 and has expanded its content into over two hundred languages. It has over 4 million articles a quarter of which are English. Wikipedia ranks in the top 20 most visited websites. The wikipedia Foundation was created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. They’ve attached the slogan "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit”.  Wikipedia can be used like a dictionary to search upon different ideas. Although it requires no money to publish an article, Wikipedia asks for a donation of your choice. Try Encykeypedia.com as well. The two are alike an can be useful tools.