UPDATED 28/09/06

Undead Chickens


Getting started in RuneScape is a quick and easy process. Providing you are of legal age, (13 and older) within a few minutes you can create an account and join the millions who are already playing the game! An interesting alternative to the interactive games online, RuneScape offers hours of endless game play with the occasional strange event happening near you to keep interest.  Released by Jagex RuneScape has grown into an enormous 3d interactive multiplayer adventure game, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win. You travel through your world picking up bits of skills and knowledge. You will be taken through a variety of skills as the levels go up, including casting spells, fishing, mining, combat and much more. The graphics could use some work and combat seems to be a little slow, but hey, what'd you expect from a browser based game with over 10'000 people playing at one time?