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Welcome to Neopets, your virtual fantasy petsore.
With over 70 million Neopet owners, this has become the biggest virtual pet site online. It is currently owned by Viacom after being sold by Adam Powelll and Donna Williams for a whoping  $160 million  american.  Log onto the Neopets website to create and choose from over 54 species to take care of. Caring for and feeding these baby neopets in the worlds of Neopia requires using Neopoints (NP), the currency of the game. Neopets rare item codes and cheats have become a big market, for people want to improve their neopets as quickly as possible. However there are neopets shops for those who choose to play according to the guidelines. With contests and activities to win neopoints this is sure to keep you busy for a long while. It is fairly easy to win neopoints but food and objects in this game are very expensive. Well at least your neopet wont really die if you forget to feed it. There are other online petstores, like Webkins where you can adopt one of these adorable pets. Here it is harder to make Kinscash but items do not cost as much as they do with Neopets.