My Space
A Place For Friends


Myspace is an online network for people to interact socially in a friendly and secure environment. Once login is complete, a user may browse the network to look at posted sites of others who wished to express themselves. One might see art, poetry letters novels music, and the list goes on. Myspace will even attract independent musicians, independent filmmakers and up and coming comedians who upload songs, short films and other work directly onto their profile. The layout for myspace has made it one of the most popular English-language websites abroad. The headquarters are in Los Angeles, but originated in New York City. Myspace began in 1998 as a file sharing firm but closed down soon after due to slow traffic. It was bought over and turned into  the multi cultural social networking website it is today. Since January plans to launch a UK version of MySpace have been in the works in effort to access the UK music scene.