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While Millsberry is, as you might have noticed, full of product placement, it's also a place where kids can, play minigames for prizes such as the local currency (Millsbucks), explore the site and learn all sorts of educational information such as health, nutrition and how to exercise.
Whichever character you choose comes with five attributes -- Fitness, Civics, Health, Intelligence and Hunger – all of which can be affected or improved by the games and levels that you choose.
The millsberry site runs from the browser on a flash player. While users and click to explore different areas.
Just a few of the popular games that the millsberry world has to offer.


Kai's Ultimate Surfari
Do you have the moves to get rad like a pro? Ride the waves at Okalani Island on your quest for Kai's Surfmaster Trophy!

Tricky Touchdown
This football challenge is far from a walk in the park. Will you score big or get sacked

Bumper Boats
Bump your opponents out of the ring!

Millsberry Gazette: Editor in Chief
Take control of the Millsberry Gazette in this classroom simulation! Build circulation and profit by managing staff, choosing stories to cover, and keeping readers satisfied.

Arrange symbols on grids of various dimensions so that there is only one instance of each symbol in each row, column, and cell.

Slap Shot Shootout
Shoot the puck into the goal to score a goal. Score at least 5 goals per period to advance to the next level. Each period is 60 seconds long.

There are not many other web sites like Millsberry with games to play that you don’t have to down load.

Millsberry is growing fast everyday.  Millsberrymain, the center for the town is advertising cool new games and articles.  Check it out to find all the latest tips on getting millsbucks and tropheys or what new products to buy. Tour through the top scorers of the day and check the weather in Millsberry.  

There is a high volume of  people looking for quick cheats to the Millsberry game.
There are no cheats to millsberry there are tips though so search cheats to millsberry on google.com and click on different pages to find tips, or hints on fun games that give out many points or millsbucks.

Millsberry, a creation of the General Mills Corporation, is a virtual city run as an integrated online environment and marketing tool. General Mills uses this template to draw children's attention so as to ultimately get more sales for their product.
This virtual city has all that can be imagined. In Downtown Millsberry, the users have plenty of stores to shop at. The Clothing Store, Furniture Store, Grocery Store, Home Electronic Superstore, Millsberry Academy, The Hair Salon, Tricks, Toys and Games, Town Hall, Mercantile Bank, Peterson's Construction & Hardware Emporium, Bookends Books, Community Center and many others. The millsberry game expands as far as ones imagination will let them.  But to partake in the shopping excursions and other fun the town of Millsberry has to offer, money is required. Millsbucks are required to purchase items. To get these millsbucks your buddy must win points by playing games and such. There is always the millsberry money cheats to lead you through the city. Any time your buddy is hungry just type in the millsberry cheat codes, but that cant be to much fun now can it.

 Millsberry incompases many aspects of life; Fitness,Civics, Health, Intelligence, Hunger all tell the player how much their buddy interacts with the Millsberry life. The Millsberry life is just like real life only with a General Mills twist. Your buddy n you actually need to look in on their fitness and well being. To win at games one must be in good shape or atleast fed.  Many of the games are named out of a different kind of cereal, like Lucky Charms Charmed Life; A maze through which the player navigates Lucky Charms' mascot. All the games have some benefit, at an educational aspect and in relation to the game so as to excel. Check out millsberry.com and live your dream life.

Millsberry sign up is fairly easy. To sign up for Millsberry simply go to the web site at millsberry.com and select the sign up button. You will be required to enter your information, which is strictly confidential, and you're ready to go. Search the web to find cheat codes should you feel the need. Millsberry cheat also known as Millsberry money cheat or even referred to as cheat code for Millsberry is widely used and easily accesible online. The main Millsberry theme is to promote a healthy environment for our youth to grow up in. Millsberry main page links to educational games and activities to help improve your artistic abilities and talents.

Look for the Millsberry main page and get started.

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