American Express is one of the best known banks credit card companies and travel agencies in the world. They provide you with any credit or travel services you might nedd. They were the ones who practically inveneted travellers cheques which used to be a very common alternative for money until lately. As for credit cards, American express differs from any other company. They usually ask you to mpay off you credit balance every month unlike the pther competitors who offer the client a minimum payment system per month and charge him/her a huge interest for maintaining a balance. American express lately started produceing credit cards that resemble vis and mastercard in the way you make the monthly payment. American Express has an attractive offer for Costco clients and is the only cresit card that is accepted in Costco stores. American express has a very successful markting scheme that is based on almost offering credit cards to university students hoping that the company would cash in once the students have joined the job market.